ACR International AB 

CNS/ATM Engineering & Consulting Services

Advisory Services include (but limited to) the following main areas:

  • Operational due diligence processes: systematic assessment of processes and procedures to detect potential for efficiency increases and cost reduction

  • Assessment of required CNS infrastructure: in cooperation with customers, requirements to CNS infrastructure are defined in order to assure tailor-made products

  • Support in procurement of CNS: based on the network–based structure of ACR International and as we are a private actor, we support in the procurement of equipment and services

  • Operational Concepts for Airports: Development of operational concepts that match the actual traffic demand and assure state-of-the-art procedure application

  • PANS-OPS, Airspace Design: in close cooperation with the partner skyguide, Airspace design, PBN Design & implementations and PANS OPS calculations can be offered to shape the airspace /procedures to the needs.