Our experience

ACR International was created in 2004/2005 to deliver ATS Training contracts outside Sweden. ACR International delivered customized courses for each customer. Courses are delivered as per ICAO standards or Eurocontrol standards as required by our clients.


ACR International helped Saudi Air Force to create a Center of Excellence at King Faisal Air Academy in Riyadh Airbase. This center was to be used for modern ATC and Weapons Director (Fighter Controller) training, including basic as well as advanced training. ACR International has so far delivered seven years of ATC Training to the Royal Saudi Air Force. ACR International has provided two ATC Simulators, one Weapons Director Simulator, and one CBT Laboratory to the Royal Saudi Air Force.

The first four years of training included basic ATC and Weapons Director training and the following courses were delivered:

  • Basic ATC Course

  • Aerodrome (Tower) Course

  • Approach Non Radar Course

  • Approach Radar Course

  • Basic Weapons Director Course

The last three years of training delivered were for Advanced ATC Training. They included the following courses:

  • On the Job Training Instructor (OJTI)

  • Safety Management Course

  • CRM Course

  • Supervisor Course

    ACR International has delivered many tailor made services to clients across the globe.