ACR International offers a portfolio of aviation services – Air Navigation Services, Training Services and CNS/ATM Engineering & Consulting Services


ACR International is a joint venture between Aviators and ACR AB, to offer aeronautical services to international markets beyond Europe.

Our customers are ANSPs, airport operators, airlines and aeronautical authorities.

We partner with customers across the globe to create win-win situations with sustainable and robust business models.

We provide a portfolio of services and tailor-made solutions for:



Strategic private equity company. Focused exclusively on the aviation sector, building end-2-end solutions portfolio for safe and secure gate to gate travel. Enables opportunities with strong network of industry experts.


Private & international ANSP and operating towers in Sweden & Switzerland. Certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 and EU-certified for ATS and MET. Provides ATM solutions for airports in Europe.


To be one of the leading providers and most valuable partners for global aeronautical services sector 


Through a combination of highly skilled professionals, Air Traffic Controllers, Management and industry partnerships provide cost effective deliveries with highest service and quality levels within ANS, ATM, CNS and Training.


A qualified board guarantees good insight into the needs of our customers and future market development.


We value

  • Safety of operations – ACR International is not compliance-driven but proactively applying risk-based principles

  • Good and transparent cooperation with regulatory authorities throughout all process stages of service delivery (application – certification – provision – documentation)

  • Efficient and lean organizational structures as the key to cost-efficient service delivery

  • Costs for staff Compensation, Quality of Equipment and Services, Investments in Safety Enhancement (as examples) fully in line with industry standards

  • Lean - Dynamic – Competent delivery structures


Our engagement approach

  • Business DNA in the Scandinavian way of doing business: entrepreneurial, open and transparent

  • Creation of Win-Win scenarios as driver for business cooperation

  • Long term sustainable agreements with clear value proposition

  • Customer needs as main prompt for service delivery

  • Leverage network of associated organizations promoted and utilized whenever applicable